Saturday, January 8, 2011

Test figure: Freikorps von Pfaffenhofen

Here is the first figure for the Freikorps von Pfaffenhofen.

After playing around with different ways of doing the black Litewka, I settled for this. Photography is, as usual, crap for closeups like these, and I need to give it another shot of matt varnish, but you'll get the idea

I'm using the Calpe Lutzow's Freikorps figures. My first time to paint a Calpe miniature, and it was quite enjoyable to work on. Good, clean casting, right up there with Front Rank in the painter-friendly category. Quite a lot of detail was apparent as I was painting this.  The bayonet is probably too thick, but will stand up to handling on the tabletop, which is essential.

A change of technique for me, as I used washes and some drybrushing to build up the colours on the black tunic. Very dark blue grey to create a first highlight, a shade lighter again for the next, and then given a wash again of black.

This guy has brown trousers- most will have black, some white. The shakos will have a dirty linen cover with a cockade painted on in the Nassau-Ringworm colours, as in the Prussian style.  

I want these to be able to paint up quickly, so I tried not to spend too much time on it. This one was done in a morning, so with mass-production techniques, it should be possible to get this regiment done before the next geological era comes around.

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